Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling Psychology, Relationship & Psychosexual Therapy

Psychology - Supervision, Training & Lecturing

I am on the BPS Register of Applied Psychological Supervisors (RAPPS) and have been supervising for over 25 years both as a Chartered and Counselling Psychologistand a Psychosexual Therapist. In addition I have been a senior lecturer and supervisorfor diploma level training and visiting lecturer on doctoral progammes.

I am currently a visiting lecturer at Surrey University Doctural Programme on Psychotherapeutic and Counselling Psychology and recently taught on the Tavistock Institute Couples Therapy Master's Programme. I have taught on various other courses and was Director of The London Institute of Human Sexuality and Subsequently SeniorLecturer and supervisor at The Institute of Human Sexuality & Human Relations.

I offer ongoing supervision to both trainee and experienced senior practitioners and would be happy to discuss with you over a phone call any questions or details.

I am also available to give advice and consultations on particular case issues on a one off consultancy basis.

I am also available for teaching or seminars and would be happy to let you know my fees should you be interested in any particular areas where I have specialist expertise.