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Couple Counselling & Psychosexual Therapy

In addition to my training as a psychologist I have a special interest in working with all kinds of sexual and relationships issues, both mainstream and for those who may be from a minority or alternative sexual life style. I trained for over 3 years at the London Institute for the Study of Human Sexuality, specifically in psychosexual therapy and have worked in the NHS and privately for many years.

Human sexual behaviour, attitudes and identity are something that most of us take for granted until something goes wrong. Sometimes problems arise as a result of some recent experience or relationship whilst others have been in the background for many years and may be part of a repeating pattern. Whichever is the case it can be hard to find someone to talk with who is truly open minded, impartial and experienced enough to help you in a non-judgmental way. Appropriate expert help is not always easy to find, especially if you don’t fit the 'average' or mainstream person or couple.

I have an enduring professional interest and extensive training and experience in the physical, psychological, cultural and relationship factors that contribute to sexual and relationship issues. I aim to look with you in a completely non-judgmental and confidential way at the issues you bring and by doing so hope to help you resolve or improve the situation and how you feel.

Relationship Problems – Sex – Love - Jealousy - Affairs - Cyber Affairs - Lack of Desire  – Sexual orientation - Erectile problems – Past sexual abuse - Orgasm problems – Divorce and Separation - Painful Intercourse - Sex Addiction - Internet Addiction - Gender Identity – Tranvestism - Sexual Minorities - Fetishism – BDSM - Alternative Lifestyles - Cross Cultural Relationships - Illness - Disability and Sexuality